Differentiating your brand and the solutions you offer is crucial in a highly competitive sector like SaaS. Instead of employing a standard approach, your marketing should reflect the cutting-edge nature of your products and services.

B2B SaaS Digital Marketing Strategies

Some strategies for digital marketing make sense, while others should be avoided or used sparingly. If you’re in a competitive environment, your best bet for digital marketing success is to spread your efforts thin across several channels. This can help you determine which strategies produce the most fruitful results and eliminate the less fruitful ones.

1. Remarketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Display Network

The first form of campaign you should launch for your B2B SaaS website, if it currently receives a substantial amount of traffic, is a remarketing campaign.

Remarketing entails displaying advertising to people who have already visited your website as they navigate the rest of the Internet. It makes perfect sense on GDN, LinkedIn, and Facebook and has one of the highest returns on any form of advertising investment.

  • Google Display Network

In addition to the regular advertisements, Google AdSense allows you to host the unsold “remnant” inventory from Google’s Doubleclick platform. Both “placement” and “content” targeting have limitations, and there are more effective methods.

You can target ads to a particular user’s interests by using Custom Affinity Audiences and loading a list of keywords or URLs. It can be highly efficient for B2B SaaS companies to market their products to other businesses. Because so many people now use Google Search instead of their browser’s address bar, it’s worthwhile to evaluate potential keywords for paid search campaigns.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s limited impression inventory is a significant drawback. Sponsored InMail campaigns, on the other hand, cost businesses an average of $5.26 per click, $6.59 per 1000 impressions, and $0.80 per send.

LinkedIn users who want success should try various targeting methods before settling on the best three or four. In the software industry, more LinkedIn inventory would be highly sought after.

  • Facebook

The majority of B2B SaaS marketers may dismiss Facebook as irrelevant. You don’t need a landing page with the built-in lead forms because their information is filled in automatically. Targeting on Facebook can be done in various ways based on factors such as topic, demography, etc.

2. Paid Search

You can now place bids on terms at the very beginning of the funnel and use more precise targeting methods like search remarketing. When the cost per click is high, it might be discouraging to users who have high criteria for their searches.

Successful sponsored search marketing requires preliminary keyword research and the creation of holistic, intent-aligned campaigns.

3. Organic Search (SEO)

Investment in a solid SEO Content Strategy for your B2B SaaS company becomes more alluring when sponsored search CPCs (and thus budgets) are high. An organic search is one of the best ways for a software as a service (SaaS) company to contact potential customers.

Effective SEO requires careful consideration of keywords, priority, and a well-developed public relations plan. This is the most effective strategy for attracting inbound connections from related sites.

If you start using methods that Google finds objectionable, you might severely ruin your reputation with the search engine. Never steal someone else’s work, and avoid posting too much of your own on other sites to get a connection back to yours.

Using these tools, you want your SaaS business to rank highly for competitive keywords with a high cost per click. Writing 6-to-8-page white papers and then repurposing the content into blog posts or webinars are two efficient methods for developing new content. Conduct in-depth interviews with subject matter specialists within the firm and transcribe their insights. This is excellent material for creating insightful articles for thought leadership.

4. Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

In account-based marketing, you surround your ideal customer (or all the workers at specific firms) with value. There needs to be coordination with the customer relationship management and marketing automation system, as well as with the inside sales team, because this is, in fact, traditional integrated marketing.

It takes more than just a list of names to make an effective web marketing machine that works in tandem with your in-house sales staff, so don’t expect this process to be quick and easy.


SaaS digital marketing may be unique, but you can have many potential customers with the correct digital marketing strategies. It’s simple to keep consumers as long as you put effort into giving them a positive customer service experience. Acquisent understands your aspiration to have a significant social effect through your work as an entrepreneur. We have first-hand knowledge of the pressures that come with trying to increase software sales.

We can work with you to develop an efficient B2B SaaS marketing strategy tailored to your specific needs. Our team comprises seasoned SaaS marketing professionals who can assist you in creating and implementing a strategy that will bring about the required outcomes.

We are here to help you. Stop worrying that your ARR isn’t growing steadily, and start enjoying marketing and selling your SaaS service by scheduling a demo today.