How to Generate Exponential Sales Growth from Marketing?

The Bermuda Triangle of Business

What do founders, entrepreneurs and executives all have in common?

They all manage business. Specifically, they must balance their businesses between Management, Marketing and Money (Finance). No one person or company can thrive on all three of those business verticals.

If you’re focused on managing business operations and company finances, you have little to no time to focus on marketing. Similarly, an entrepreneur focused on company finances and marketing has little to no time to focus on managing employees, quality services etc.

In other words, management, marketing and money are the Bermuda triangles of business.

In this publication, I want focus exclusively on marketing and help you optimize your marketing strategy.

Innovative Marketing Ideas

Linear Versus Exponential Marketing

Before we dive into two unique marketing approaches we’ve established at Acquisent, it’s important for you to take a step back and take an honest look at your company.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have systems in place that are repeatable and allow for you to scale?
  • Have sales been dropping, stagnant or on an uptick?
  • Is your team formed of employees you believe can develop into potential leaders?

These questions are designed to help you identify your unique operational situation and serve as the foundation on deciding what type of marketing strategy your company needs right now; an operational one or an innovative one?

Your marketing strategy needs to reflect the reality on the ground. If you dive deep into an innovative marketing approach, sure your business we’ll generate 10X awareness and an immediate uptick in demand and sales, but will it sustain? Most likely not.

Without having a solid team behind that you trust and see as potential future leaders of your company, it will be hard to sustain or replicate success from any marketing strategy.

Introducing Linear Marketing

Linear marketing is not a known term by any means. In fact, we’ve coined at Toledo and we tend to make it viral!

Linear marketing, as we define it, is any marketing strategy that is simply there to help you sustain business. It’s the word of mouth for consultants or the brand-recognition of McDonalds. Linear marketing it simply that; it’s linear and does not spur growth. It helps you keep business afloat. Essentially, you can think of Linear Marketing as an operational marketing approach; as long as operations are moving and steady, business as usual.

Introducing Exponential Marketing

This is probably the section you clicked this article for so I will keep it simple.

Exponential marketing is any marketing strategy or marketing campaign that helps promote your business in a unique and differentiated way. With exponential marketing strategies, you’re aiming to create a blue-ocean within your industry in order to reshape industry boundaries. It’s the process of offering a unique selling proposition to your target market and generating a sustainable 10X revenue to your business.

Exponential marketing can be referred to as an innovative marketing approach; the next innovative marketing campaign that brought McDonalds a from simple fast food joint in rural America to the franchise that took over the world.

How to Generate Exponential Sales Growth with Marketing?

To create a unique and innovative marketing approach, you must have the right methodology and processes in place. You must be sure that your operations (management) is running smooth, you have sustainable level of business development (steady sales) and trustworthy leadership behind you to sustain the growth stemming from innovative (exponential) marketing.

To craft an innovative marketing campaign to take your company to the next level, follow our 5 step proven process here.