If used properly, YouTube can be one of the most effective marketing tools. However, not everyone will know how to do so, especially if they are new to the industry. In this article, we will discuss how you can use YouTube as a sales funnel and what kind of videos you need to make.

Identifying the Problem

The beginning of a sales funnel is always the same, regardless of the tool you use. You first must create awareness by guiding your clients to identify the problems. There are many ways to do this through video, which are listed below.

1. Educational Videos

There is no better way to create awareness than using an educational video. Feed your buyers the information they do not even realize they are lacking. Doing so opens a pathway for them to know which step to take next.

2. Explainer Videos

Sometimes, just informing your audience is not enough because they may not easily understand what you are telling them. Explainer videos will be useful because they can explain the most complex concepts to your clients. This will help make them understand things better and make more strategic decisions.

3. Short Ads

You’ve probably seen those short ads that talk about common issues people face. These short videos are excellent because it makes you feel like you are not alone in the problems that you are facing. By making your prospective clients feel a part of a group, you make them feel like they are relatable and that because the issue is common, a solution is not far off.

Introduce a Solution

When people find problems, they will immediately want to seek a solution to these issues. The solution, in this case scenario, is your product or service. You will want to enter your product into the equation for the clients to consider it a solution. You may do this through the following videos:

1. Product Intro Videos

What better way to introduce your product than with a product introduction video? In these videos, you can talk about your product, what it is and how it can benefit its users. With a product introduction video, you can lightly explore your product without giving away too much to leave your clients curious to learn more about it.

2. Tutorials

A video tutorial can show your prospective clients what the product can do for them. By just introducing it to them, they may not be aware of how it can be useful, but with tutorials, you can go a little more in-depth. You get to show the product’s advantages and how it can make things better for them regarding the original issue mentioned.

Push Towards a Decision

When trying to make a sale, you do not want to corner your clients as it could turn them away from making the purchase. Instead, you have to give them a little push towards the direction of your product. You are now armed with the presented issue, and how your product can be the solution, now all you have to do is look convincing and reliable.

1. Customer Testimonial Videos

Having previous customers act as testimony can make your product look more reliable. If they tell their story about how the product helped them with the same or similar issue, your prospective customers will trust you because they have other people as witnesses. This is probably one of the most reliable ways to build trust with your products.

2. Demo Videos

Knowing the product and how it works may not seem enough. Instead, by demonstrating how it gives the answer to your issues, then more people will be inclined to purchase your product. To see is to believe and to show the people exactly how effective your product is will be an excellent push for them to purchase your product.

Don’t Forget the after Sale

Once you’ve made the sale, moving on to new prospective customers may be tempting. However, you also need to take care of previous buyers to improve your loyalty and retention rate. To do this, you can create videos like:

1. FAQs

You can answer FAQs using your videos. A lot of new customers will need to be onboarded, and to make it easier for them, just have these common questions answered via video which they can watch.

2. Tutorial Videos

As mentioned above, you can use tutorial videos to introduce your product. However, you can also make a tutorial video for the aftersales in case new customers do not fully understand how your product works.


YouTube is an excellent tool to garner new customers and have them enter your sales funnel with a successful close. Just follow our tips above and you should be getting new leads and closing sales in no time. However, if it becomes difficult, you also work with professionals like Acquisent who will make marketing easier for you. Whatever decision you make, consider the factors affecting what is mentioned above and you will be able to make better sales in no time.

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